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The middle child of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon – Vaughn Evelyn Levesque – will she be a wrestler, too?


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, both form a powerful couple in the entertainment industry as former wrestlers. Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is their second daughter and ever since it was revealed that Aurora Rose, her elder sister is planning to get into the wrestling field like their parents, fans are wondering if Vaughn is in line, too. Well, find it out here –

Quick Biography of Vaughn Evelyn Levesque

Vaughn is the middle child of Stephanie McMahon with Triple H and welcomed their daughter on 24 August 2010. She is the second born of the family after Aurora Rose Levesque. The family, known for wrestling dominance, follows Christianity. 

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque – family tree

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque has two siblings – Aurora Rose and  Murphy Claire Levesque who together are the WWE superstar’s kids: Stephanie McMahon & Triple H are the parents. While Aurora alone is preparing for her WWE debut, the other two superstar kids are not interested in the field. 

Will Vaughn Evelyn Levesque become a wrestler?

Being the popular WWE superstars kids: Stephanie McMahon & Triple H would be so proud to see their kids in the ring in the future. Nevertheless, Vaughn has not chosen wrestling as her preferable line as of now and neither is Murphy Claire Levesque fixed on her. It is only the eldest daughter – Aurora preparing for her WWE debut currently. 

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque’s boyfriend 

Vaughn is too young to be dating someone. As such, we assume she’s single although there are no official reports on it. 

Accomplishments of Vaughn Evelyn Levesque 

Because Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, both are such influential personalities and received several WWE championships, the same success is expected from Vaughn Evelyn. She is very young for any major achievement at the moment. We’ll have to wait a few years to see her win. 

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