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Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone: Know About Her Biography And Death


Working in Hollywood is a dream of millions. Well who does not like name and fame. One such girl with dreams of having a successful career was Melanie Olmstead. If you like binge watching series and have watched Yellowstone, then you must be definitely well acquainted with her. Although she didn’t appear on the camera, she worked effortlessly to make the series a success. She started working for Hollywood and TV in the year 2000. 

Who was  Melanie Olmstead ?

Melanie was a very passionate animal lover and very skilled, hardworking transporter who worked in Hollywood. She has worked as a transporter for a number of Hollywood projects, the most famous among them was Yellowstone, which brought her to limelight. She garnered attention when Yellowstone included a title card at the end of the series recognizing the ones who contributed for this successful project and she was given due prominence.

Family and physical appearance:

Melanie was an adopted daughter of Janet Corbridge and Reid Howard, so she didn’t have any resemblance to her parents. She was 5 feet 5 inches tall and her weight was around 55 kg. The color of her eyes were blue, with a blonde hair complexion. She passed away in her home in Salt Lake City, Utah, leaving behind her wife and children.

Early Life:

She was born on November 15 in 1968, Salt Lake City, Utah. She was the adopted child of Janet Corbridge and Reid Howard. Reid worked in the military as a vet and Janet was his first wife. Melani’s mother passed away in 1979. Her father then married Loa Rose Hanson, but sadly he also passed away in the year 2016. Before starting her career in Hollywood, she lived for some time in Africa, where she devoted most of her time working towards women’s education initiatives. She really had a very big heart as she was always one step ahead of others whenever someone needed help. She never had any second thoughts when it was about helping someone in need or lending a helping hand.


Melanie completed her college from Westminster college and later shifted to Utah to complete her graduation. There is no evidence of her appearing in front of the camera, however she has performed in some stage programmes while completing her education in the college.

Awards and Recognition:

No data and sources are available on her being rewarded for her accomplishments.

Relationship :

She was happily married to Annalise Ford. They got married in 2015. Annalise worked as a Professional client consultant at Web Cops LLc. However no information on her children is available. Not much information is available on her bond with her wife, there have been many speculations that she was dealing with some family problems which affected her mental health.

Professional Career:

Having an established career does not come easy. For Melanie also things were not easy but through her dedication she earned her name in the industry. In the year 2000, she worked as a location assistant for the film Primary Suspect starring William Baldwin. She also worked as a driver in the movie Benji: Off the Leash and later on in 2010 and 2012 she worked in survival horror movie Frozen and Darling Companion

Other projects which Melanie worked are:

  • Disney Blockbuster, John Carter
  • 12 Dogs of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue.
  • Hereditary
  • Wind River 
  • Point Break
  • Wild Horses and
  • Drama film, Joe Bell

Melanie and her love for animals:

 As she was an animal lover, she also owned a horse named Mahogany. In a Facebook post, she wrote that ‘She started liking horses from the time she learned to walk, but she didn’t own one until she was an adult. She was also active as an advocate for several causes and always believed in raising her voice against any wrong happening around her.

What happened to Melanie ?

Although many of her fans and media personalities speculate that she committed suicide. Melanie left us for her heavenly abode in May, 2019 at the age of 50, after battling cancer for two years. This happened just before the premiere of Yellowstone which was one of her dreams and biggest projects she had worked on. This also shows her passion and dedication towards her work because even after being diagnosed with cancer she kept pursuing her career. Many fans and co-workers expressed their tribute on her death and were very sad on hearing the news of her demise. A fan of Yellowstone once wrote on Twitter: “My heart and prayers go out to Melanie Olmstead’s family and loved ones, including her Yellowstone family.

Did she appear on camera in Yellowstone ?

Although she didn’t face the camera in the series, she was a character in season 2 of the series. To offer her a tribute for her work, the creator of the show Taylor Sheridan gave her a character, which went missing. In the episode, which featured her name, Kayce Dutton was shown gathering information on what happened to a woman named Melanie Olmstead. It’s all thanks to  Taylor Sheridan for giving her all the fame she deserved and making her an indispensable part of the series which will always be remembered by people.

Melanie and her Yellowstone connection:

Many people thought that she acted in Yellowstone, but she worked as a crew member. She became a part of the series because of her love for animals and very vast knowledge of filming locations. She probably also worked with the entire crew for season 2 of the series before passing away. On a sadder note, In big projects and movies, the work of the people working behind the curtains is hardly recognized. The actors, directors and producers are the ones who get all appreciation for their hard work neglecting the crew behind,  but this was not the case with Yellowstone, all her hard work was highly appreciated. As yellowstone was filmed at her native place, she developed a very deeper connection with the series.

Those who have watched season 2 of Yellowstone, must already be knowing that Yellowstone  dedicated an entire episode in her memory. Her death was kept a secret till the release of season 2. 

Social Media presence:

Melanie had an active facebook account, but her account is not traceable at present and probably she was not active on any other social media channels.

Net Worth:

Exact estimation of Melanie’s net worth was not known, but according to some sources, she had an estimated worth of $3 million to $5 million dollars. Other information regarding her salary and assets value is not known. On July 30, 2019 her family and friends gathered to celebrate her inspiring life and achievements.


  • Was Melanie an adopted child ?

Yes, she was an adopted child.

  • What was the reason behind her death ?

She lost her life at a young age due to cancer.

  • Was she married ?
  • Yes she was married to Annalise Ford.
  • Was Melanie lesbian ?

Yes, she was lesbian. 

  • Did she act in the Yellowstone series ?

No, she worked behind the cameras.

  • What was her role in Yellowstone ?

She worked as a location and transportation manager.

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