Thursday, July 25, 2024


Profile of Tencent, a China Company valued at 900b, Expands its Overseas Investments for Startups worth $259 Billion.

The recent rumble across the technology market has attained massive profits for China's Tencent Holdings Ltd Company, as discussed in our details below, has invested a lot in the upcoming business and now displays a profile worth around a...

Automated Sales Commission Platform Spiff Saves $46M

Spiff is a new business that makes software for sales, finance, and marketing teams to make commission payments simpler and quicker. The company developed software with a simplified design that simplifies editing the payment formula and automates the commission...

Strider Raises $45M Series B Round Funding To Protect IP and Supply Chains

Strider platform has raised 45 million Series B round funding, for protecting IP, Supplu Chains to the companies, institutions, organizations, and in this funding round Valor Equity Partners spearheaded, with followed other investors Koch Disruptive Technologies, One9 Ventures, and...

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