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Miguel Cazarez Mora: Know About Age, Height, Weight, Movies, Net Worth & More

Miguel Cazarez Mora Biography

Miguel Cazarez Mora is a model famous model. Who was born on 1 March 2001. Many people want to know about his personal life, so Miguel Cazarez Mora Parents is the most searched name on the internet. Here in this article let us see who are the parents of Miguel and many more.

Miguel Cazarez Age

Famous Birthdays, a website that lists are VIPs’ ages and essential historical details, keeps track of Miguel Cazarez age as 15 he is a model and entertainer from the United States who runs a well-known account on TikTok under the name Mikey. Madeleine McGraw, Rebecca Clarke, and Mason Thames, who portrays Finney, are among his fellow cast members in The Black Phone.

Miguel Cazarez Height & Weight

He is average in height and has a healthy body weight. Additionally, he has dark brown eyes and lengthy black hair. Miguel has no official presence on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. However, he has over 934k followers on his TikTok account. In addition, he is very active on Instagram, with over 394k followers. His admirers appreciated the pictures he uploaded of himself attending the premiere.

Early life

The actor’s role in The Black Phone 2021 is his most well-known work. He is also a public network specialist and a artist. Due to his role in the slasher film The Black Phone, the young celebrity has achieved enormous success for his age. Miguel portrays the friend of the main character, Robin Arellano. The horror project, which Scott Derrickson directed, has received much positive feedback from people who have seen it. Despite having its world premiere in September 2021, this horror film is currently receiving widespread attention. Mora, one of the movie’s main characters, is getting a lot of attention from people all over the world.

Miguel Cazarez Family

He was born in the United States to highly family-oriented parents. However, in contrast to other celebrity parents, his parents have decided to keep a low profile and have avoided using social media to discuss topics related to their personal lives. Consequently, their professional history and their name can be found online. His parents have always been there for him, encouraging and supporting him in his pursuit of an acting career. They were the ones who encouraged him to pursue an acting career and achieve success. He frequently attributed his successful acting career to his parents because of this.

Miguel Cazarez Education

He was born on March 1, 2007, in the United States, and his birth year is 2007 Miguel Cazarez 15. His mother’s name and his father’s identity are unknown. On the other hand, on May 9, 2021, he uploaded a picture of himself and his mother. Also, Miguel has Mexican ancestry and based on his academic records, she may attend a high school.

Education                              Graduation

School                                   Union High School

College                                  Iowa Lakes Community College

Miguel Cazarez career

Mora is an actor who made his acting debut in the 2021 film The Black Phone as Robin. A child abductor took Finney and his friend Bruce in this supernatural horror film. In this creepy horror film, a serial kidnapper kidnaps Finney and his friend Bruce. As they attempt to flee, they are the focus of the plot. Universal Pictures hired Scott Derrickson to direct this 103-minute film with a budget of 16–18 million.

It scores 7 and 83% on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, respectively. The mystical horror film featured several 13- to 14-year-old children and won the Saturn Award for the best horror film. This project also mainly received favourable reviews from film critics. Despite his widespread popularity on social media, Miguel has no plans to retire as an actor.

Miguel Cazarez Relationship

Based on his online entertainment posts, he doesn’t appear to have a sweetheart at this age, and the websites also don’t say anything about it. As a result, we accept that the child is single and is focusing on his acting career unless he has kept his relationship with the untouchables a secret. He may be living a single life at the moment. He has not yet disclosed the specifics of his relationship or girlfriend.

Miguel Cazarez on social media

Miguel Cazarez isn’t authoritatively accessible on friendly locales like Facebook and Twitter. However, he has more than 934 thousand followers on his TikTok account. He is also active on Instagram, where he has over 394k followers. He also maintains a presence on the social media platform Instagram in addition to his work as an actor. You can read an actor’s Instagram posts if you follow them. In May of 2021, he made Instagram available to the general public for the first time. He publishes a lot of pictures of himself and pictures of his professional appearances at various times.

Instagram      @official miguelcazarezmora


Twitter           @offical_miguelc

YouTube        #miguelcazarezmora Miguel cazarez mora

Miguel Cazarez net worth

It is anticipated that Miguel Cazarez, an actor who appeared in The Black Phone, has a net worth of 10,000. He amassed his wealth for his professional career. Through his acting career, he has collected a sizable sum of money for himself. In the critically acclaimed film, the actor gave a breakthrough performance. Cazarez has steadily gained fame and a reputation throughout his acting career. His prospects for the future are better than ever because he has already amassed a respectable fortune at such a young age. His wealth will rise if he chooses to work as an actor. He can provide for his parents and himself a comfortable lifestyle thanks to the money he earns from his job.

Interesting fact about Miguel Cazarez

  • Miguel Cazarez Mora age as of 2022 is 15 years.
  • Pisces is his zodiac sign.
  • He plays the guitar and enjoys animals.
  • He started to use Instagram in the year 2021.

FAQ about Miguel Cazarez Mora

Is Miguel Cazarez Having Siblings?

Yes, there are siblings in Miguel Cazarez. He does not have a sister, but he does have a minor brother.

Does Miguel Cazarez have a friend?

There is no girlfriend for Miguel Cazarez Mora.

Who is the father of Cazarez Mora?

He has not mentioned his father in any way.

What are the weights of Miguel Cazarez?

Based on his height, he weighs between 50 and 55 kilograms on average and appears fit.

Meta title

How do people know about the Miguel Cazarez?

Meta description

He is a rising American actor and fashion model. Miguel Cazarez is currently featured in a few film projects.

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