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Aalyah Gutierrez: Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Career, Social Media, Net worth

Aalyah Gutierrez is establishing her modeling career in addition to being a social media sensation in united states. Aalyah Gutierrez is the daughter of WWE legend Rey Mysterio, (the masked man), she is also famous on social media and popularly known as the Instagram sensation, Her social media following has grown significantly since she made her WWE TV debut in 2020.

Here’s a rising star of Instagram who surely rules social media.

Aalyah Gutierrez Biography

In addition to being an American citizen, Aalyah Gutierrez is also a Christian and follows the same faith, Although she is the daughter of a well-known wrestler, Rey Mysterio, she does not show any interest in wrestling and has decided not to follow in his footsteps.

Aalyah Gutierrez Age, Height, and Weight

aalyah gutierrez age height weight

Aalyah Gutierrez’s birth August 20, 2001, in California, united states, She is a woman of 21 years of age who chooses to follow her passion over obeying her father, aalyaz gutierrez height is 163 cm, and her weight is 55 kg, she is hot, beautiful girl, have brown hair, blue eyes, perfect body figure.

Early life and Education of Aalyah

Alyah Gutierrez grew up in California with her parents and siblings. Oscar Gutierrez, better known by his ring name Rey Mysterio, is her father, and Angie Gutierrez is her mother. They are both professional wrestlers. In addition to Aalyah, Dominik Mysterio is also a professional wrestler, signed with WWE. Aalyah attended a private high school and graduated in 2019. She is currently attending a university in California, whose name we don’t know.

Aalyah Professional Career

Aalyah Mysterio attended many of her father’s fights, which made her media-friendly, but she is not interested in wrestling as a career, She attracted a lot of attention as a rising model and social media addict because of her father’s fame, She gains a social media following as she shares pictures and videos about food, travel, and fitness, In addition, she is getting several modeling offers and has done a lot of ads.

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Aalyah Gutierrez relationship with Joshua Thomas

Joshua Thomas, a non-celebrity, and Aalyah Gutierrez are dating. However, the two are not yet married. They have been dating for several months.

Aalyah Gutierrez Net Worth

aalyah is the daughter of a successful and extremely popular wrestler, Rey Mysterio, whose net worth is $10 million. The net worth of Aalyah Mysterio is between $500,000 and $1 million.

Aalyah Gutierrez Social Media Limelight

Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms are among those that Aalyah Gutierrez utilizes, There are 12,500 followers on Twitter and 382,000 followers on Instagram, respectively.

Trivia Of Aalyah Gutierrez

  • Her Instagram account focuses on fitness, travel, and beauty, even though she is passionate about all three.
  • Aalyah Gutierrez, the beloved daughter of legendary wrestler Rey Mysterio is Popular on social media
  • People adore Aalyah Gutierrez’s lifestyle videos, which frequently feature her family.
  • Dominik Mysterio is Aalyah Gutierrez’s devoted brother, and she adores him dearly.
  • Aalyah is a lovely lady with a cute nose ring.
  • Joshua Thomas is the lover of Aalyah Gutierrez.

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