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WPC2029: Complete Guide On Its Dashboard, Registration and Login Process

Just like the Cricket, Hockey, and Football, there are different games which is live on the internet, and on it users have huge interest, wpc2029 game is one of them, that are rapidly getting prominence from the past few times.

Wpc2029 is a platform where live Rooster fight are held regularly. The objective of the game is entertain users, and provide rewards. Wpc2029 live is a game that is highly popular in the Philippines at present year 2023, In fact, this game has a history of around 3000 years ago. It is a common fact that most of the people are still not aware about WPC 2029 . It usually known for World Pitmasters Cup.

What is WPC2029?

WPC2029 is an organization that organizes virtual events. You can signup for the organization’s website. And can follow WPC 2029 Facebook page to stay updated on latest fight matches. And you can also take part in live fights by registering on the organization’s website. Once you are registered,

After that you can check Facebook page to watch live match. This website contains a list of rules and information about the WPC.

Wpc2029 dashboard:

This is an online platform. We can say a true Philippines website. They belong to this type of tournament.

We use the live dashboard of this website for registration. And we can also see online cockfighting there. It also provides all the details about these events and tournaments that are organized.

We also know the rules and regulations of this type of game on the dashboard of this website. Unfortunately, if any one of us is not able to access it then he/she can get all the information from the Facebook page and YouTube channel. This website has all the information shared by the administration regarding the events and activities. As it is constantly changing.

How To wpc2029 Register

The registration process is the crucial step that needs to be performed before entering the world of cockfighting. It includes steps like:

  • You should be no less than 21 years old. Make sure to confirm that.
  • Visit the official wpc2029. live registration website. 
  • Set up your account with a username that is totally fresh and unused. The username will get connected to your id. 
  • In the next step, enter the secret phrase that will be your ID’s secret key. The secret phrase should be a strong password with a minimum of 8 characters.
  • Re-enter the key for double confirmation.
  • Then enter your first and last names.
  • Link your profile to your Facebook account.
  • Next, fill in the fields marked with your current employment and your date of birth. along with CNIC.
  • You will then be asked to mention your salary details.
  • The website contains the contracts and security measures-related information.
  • Click on the “Register” button after you are finished.
  • You now have access to Wpc2029. login:

Before getting yourself introduced to the advancements and all the present information of the wpc2029, completing the login procedure is mandatory for every individual. You can access the website only by logging in. 

Sounds Fair! Now, you have to follow all these simple steps to get logged into your wpc 2029 live profile:

  • On the Google search bar, type wpc2029 to navigate yourself to the official website. 
  • The Wpc2029 live login box will be there to welcome you as soon as you locate yourself on the official website. 
  • After that, you must enter your login id and password.
  • Insert your first and last name respectively. 
  • Your phone number is to be mentioned in the next step. 
  • The Facebook id that has been linked is required. 
  • Click on “sign in to your record” to move ahead and you’ll be logged in.

Wpc2029 special features:

The following website allows you to enjoy every inch of the game just by sitting at home. The cockfighting matches are easily viewable online just with the help of wpc2029, In case, if any user misses the live streaming, he/she can easily watch the recorded matches. The access is easily available on the dashboard. Along with that, the dashboard provides you with all the information related to the sabong matches. Be it the tournament’s dates, ranking of the roosters, rules, and regulations of the game, etc.

This is a website dedicate to the Philippines, where all the events conducted are related to cockfighting matches. You may register on this website’s live dashboard and sign up for this fictitious tournament at your own risk.

In fact, the whole website is back by the support of The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) as they have the licensing authority over it. 

 It’s wpc2029 legal or not:

The wpc2029 live platform is legal in the Philippines since. It is a website that is entrusted and backed up by the PAGCOR (Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation). The additional support is maintained by the BMM test labs. One of the most leading and reliable gaming laboratories in the whole world. 

However, the sites which support cockfighting or sabong matches are commonly banned in other countries because it actively supports animal cruelty. 

In some countries, including the Philippines, the wpc2029 site is secure and safe to use. You can visit the website legally, but there are some countries. Where visiting this website and betting through it is illegal and unsafe. This site is however not operational in some countries. This becomes the major reason why you cannot visit sites in those countries where they are banned or prohibited.

 wpc2029 how to recover the forgotten password:

It is true that the human mind is not capable of restoring all things. Therefore, it is more common that anyone can forget anything such as dates, ideas, dreams, important information, passwords, etc. In such cases, writing down the things somewhere on a piece of paper or in the notes of your mobile device can indeed help you a lot. Apart from that, if you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset it by simply following the certain steps that are mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website and try to log in. Click on “Forgot Password.”
  • After that, a code to recover your account will be sent to your registered mobile number via the sms. 
  • Enter the code in the required field.
  • It will further allow you to create a new password for your account.
  • Double-enter the new password to confirm it. 
  • You are now done with recovering your password.

wpc2029 advantages:

  • It can be considered a good source of enjoyment for people worldwide. 
  • It gives you a sense of authority that the website is totally safe and secure. 
  • The platform has the licensing authority of the PAGCOR (Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation).
  • The dashboard of the platform allows you to have a full overview of the live matches that are going on, recorded matches, upcoming matches, the rankings of the player, and betting possibilities.
  • By betting on the roosters participating in the wpc2029, the users can take away a pretty good amount of money as a cash reward with them.

wpc2029 disadvantages:

  • It is considered a direct source of Gambling since the users on a global level place their bets on the roosters with the intention to win.
  • Users worldwide are eventually wasting their most valuable time along with their money as well. 
  • In most countries, this platform is generally banned and prohibited because it promotes animal cruelty on an extensive level.
  • Although people are taking the risk of placing their bet on the roosters, the chances of winning become very less. 
  • It can turn into an addiction for you. Similarly, the people of the Philippines and Indonesia have total access to it.

How to win rewards on WPC 2029:

The whole procedure for winning rewards on wpc2029 is very simple yet tricky. The users just have to bet on the selected rooster and sit back and relax till the match gets over. But it entirely depends on the chicken you choose to bet on. Nevertheless, here are some of the ways mention below that can help you to win the game and take away a pretty good amount of rewards.

  • You should always check the records of the winning rooster before you intend to select it.
  • The wpc2029 dashboard should be your first priority before betting. It allows you to have an overview of the ranking of the player and the total matches that have been won by him.
  • It will initially increase your chicken’s chances of winning the match.
  • If the winning rate of the rooster is high, without any doubt, you should go for that.


One of the leading ways for entertainment is consider the wpc2029 for the people of the Philippines and Indonesia. It is a platform that conducts cockfighting matches and people around the world have the access to live stream. The matches and even bid on their selected rooster. All this is possible through registering on the Wpc2029 portal and creating an account for yourself. The full form of wpc stands for world pitmasters cup about which many people are still unaware. The cockfighting matches are also referre to as the sabong matches by the people out. There in the Philippines and they actively host. This tournament as their history is connecte to it. Regardless of the fact that it is promote by many people, it is consider illegal and totally unfair. This is because it endorses animal brutality and this is why many countries have banned and prohibited the wpc2029

FAQ on wpc2029:

In which countries is WPC2029 legal?

It is legal in Indonesia and the Philippines

Is WPC2029 safe to register?

Yes, registration in WPC2029 is safe until and unless you comply with the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Is WPC2029 a fraud or not?

No, it’s not a fraud. It is a completion that takes place annually in the Philippines and Indonesia and is host through online servers.

Will I get information about Gamecocks and players before the fight?

Of course, before the battle started. Every participant is given time to choose their favorite player and bet on the chicken they want. You must be logged in with enough time left for the battle to decide.

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