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Strider Raises $45M Series B Round Funding To Protect IP and Supply Chains

Strider platform has raised 45 million Series B round funding, for protecting IP, Supplu Chains to the companies, institutions, organizations, and in this funding round Valor Equity Partners spearheaded, with followed other investors Koch Disruptive Technologies, One9 Ventures, and DataTribe.

Salt lake based company Strider provides security to institutions, organizations, Companies, this is redefining how businesses, academic institutions, research centers, and governmental organizations safeguard. Their innovation and engages in competitive global strategic competition. Our cutting-edge technology and intelligence solutions empower companies to proactively identify, monitor, and address supply chain. Vulnerabilities and nation-state-directed IP theft as per Strider 47m series valorsawersventurebeat.

At your fingertips: STRATEGIC PROTECTION

Utilize risk intelligence to proactively visualize, manage, and react to threats affecting your technology and workforce. Use macro- and micro-level perspectives in your organization to gain actionable, prioritized insight.

Targeted Technologies, Risk Signals, and Competitive Ties are the elements that makeup Risk Intelligence and deliver actionable intelligence. Examine how each module enables you to react to threats confidently and proactively.

Take care of your technology.

Utilizing government and industrial policy documents, worldwide patent data, and other open sources. Strider aids you in comprehending the junction between your key technologies and those sought after by nation-state players.

Protect your gift

Risk Signals finds over 25 risk indicators linked to economic statecraft actions that endanger your staff by utilizing. Tens of thousands of data sources and our patented risk methodology.

Stop the flow of talent

Competitor Ties identifies the flow of entering and outgoing people throughout your organization and sector, giving you invaluable data about how to secure your talent flow. It contains the top 40 job titles leaving the company and the top 40 rivals hiring someone with your skill set.

Leverage Shield Strider Risk Signal data points to proactively reduce risks associated with talent loss, intellectual property theft, and compliance.

Government involvement in commerce has changed the compliance and risk environment for organizations. Existing internal security measures must be update since nation-state actors use a mixed strategy to attack their target enterprises.

Strider Shield uses billions of open-source data points to give high-fidelity danger signals linked to known actors and TTPs. Including email addresses, domain names, phrases in several languages, and other phrases (tactics, techniques, and procedures). Your organization now has relevant and actionable insights. Which can reduce the time limit of investigation. Can increase visibility into new risk environments. Ancourage security and legal teams to take a proactive approach to risk management.Your firm can proactively secure your technology using data that is update monthly.


Using Strider Supply Chain Intelligence, organizations can assess supply chain partners for geopolitical, compliance, and reputational risk at scale. Clients can swiftly adjust to shifting business and regulatory requirements thanks to Strider’s automated screening process, which offers actionable and contextualized data.


Immediate response to questions about supply chain partners detailed risk description and context for each supply chain partner provided data provenance provided data checked against dozens of governments.
Benefits of API integration include accelerating internal investigations, streamlining the procurement process, and ensuring that laws are followed, and government regulations are while lowering compliance and due diligence costs.

Companies can use API integration to verify suppliers for ties to nation-state actors:

• Xinjiang entities (i.e., organizations impacted by the Uyghur Forced Workforce Prevention Act);
• Sanctioned/restricted entities and subsidiaries;
• Nation-state military end users and suppliers;
• Defense training and research organizations;
• Nation-state-owned businesses or other government entities

For each supplier, Strider will provide actionably insights, including information about the risk and compliance type, entity data, and a risk level score.

Strider safeguards $45M for data intellect to prevent economic espionage.

A $45 million series B round of funding has been secured for Strider, a platform that assists businesses, governments, and academic institutions in defending their supply chains, talent, and intellectual property (IP) against threats from foreign governments.

Strider, established in Salt Lake City, offers two main products. To assist businesses in determining which vital technologies may be most at risk from nation-state actors, Strider Risk Intelligence uses a variety of datasets, including international patent data, industrial policy documents, and other publically available sources.

This is supported by “risk signals,” which combine a “unique risk technique” with numbers of primary data sources to identify high-risk behaviors and provide information for enterprises to act on.

Costa Saab, Chief Technology Officer of Valor Equity Partners, a business that invested in Strider, stated in a written statement that “Strider delivers data insight to its customers to tackle key security holes that have been abused by nation-state actors for decades.”

The Strider platform can also highlight “competitor ties,” showing the stream of talent within a given industry. This includes competitors that a company and its employees are starting to move to, which may hold threat intelligence implications regarding leaking trade secrets. Businesses across the industrial spectrum are competing for technical talent.

This is crucial for government employees who businesses might unintentionally hire with connections to unfriendly states.

Mike Janke, the co-founder of DataTribe (one of the businesses that invested in Strider), stated in a written statement that “there is a rising nation-state sponsored economic espionage threat, and Strider provides technology that [helps] firms to address the challenge.”

The second offering from the business, Strider Shield, draws on risk signal data from Strider to assist businesses in “taking a proactive approach” to reducing the risks of IP theft, compliance, and talent loss. Strider Shield provides firms with insights to hasten investigations and assist security and legal teams in taking swifter action by using data such as email addresses, domains, keywords, and more.

Strider’s co-founder and COO, Eric Levesque, believes the business is in a market segment where innovation is just starting.

Levesque asserts that another way it differs from rivals is that it is the only business that offers both public and private organizations the strategic intelligence they require to safeguard their personnel, intellectual property, and supply chains from intruders to remain competitive in today’s international market.


Before this, Strider had raised about $12 million, and with its most recent $45 million cash infusion, the company is well-financed to accelerate its recent growth, which has seen it achieve several pan-industry Fortune 500 corporations across the pharmaceutical, aviation, semiconductor, and energy sectors.

Leading the series B round of funding for Strider were Valor Equity Partners, Koch Disruptive Technologies, One9 Ventures, and DataTribe.

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