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Who Is Joseph Sikora Wife-Tania Ribalow

If you look at the best career you will find that Joseph Sikora’s Wife-Tania Ribalow is one of the most famous makeup artists and also she has done many different kinds of films such as Irishman. She is also married and living her life very peacefully ahead. 

Tania Ribalow Physical measurements:

The height of the famous personality is mostly known to be 180 cm and the body weight is known to be 75. The eye color is mostly dark brown and also blonde is known to be the hair color only. She is born on 27 June in the year 1976 and mostly she is known to be forty-six years old. 

Tania Ribalow Career and award:

There are many different movies that have won famous awards. The famous person Joseph Sikora’s Wife-Tania Ribalow appeared in many of the series done on television. She was the makeup craftsman that was done for Joker. She was also featured first in the movie The Irishman and the others can be named Greatest Showman. The other various movies are as follows such as Boardwalk Empire, etc that marked growth in her career. There are also two different Emmy Awards that are granted to her. One such award is for the movie The Knick and the other is for VINYL. She also got the award for being the best hair stylist Guild Award. 

Tania Ribalow Marriage: 

The famous personalities Joseph Sikora and his Wife-Tania Ribalow are married to each other for a long span of eight years. They got married in the year 2014 and no one knew about it. The dates for many years and then he even gave the audition for other roles. They did not tell about the marriage to anyone. They wanted to keep it as a secret from the fans also. The information was finally revealed after a long span of four years. He even gave a Twitter post that confirmed the relationship on the month of August 23, 2018.

Joseph Sikora’s wife Tania Ribalow Net worth

The couple Joseph Sikora and Wife-Tania Ribalow has not welcomed any child into this world because they might have taken a break or it is also known that they might be having some problems with fertility. So, none of the information regarding the children is known to the people in the long run. The net worth of the famous personality is basically known to be thirteen million and this is because she has earned good fame as a makeup artist. She is also doing good in her life because she is coming from a good family also. 

Tania Ribalow Social media

No such social media accounts are found for famous personalities. Hence no details are available as of now. 


The famous person Joseph Sikora’s Wife-Tania Ribalow has emerged as one of the most successful makeup artists and that is why she has earned good wealth too. She is married and living happily by establishing herself as a very successful person in the long run too. 

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