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Lorena Cartagena, Her Age, Ethnicity, Biography, Married life


One of the famous rappers is Fat Joe, and because of his fame, lorena cartagena, who is his wife, has become popular in the media. Thus, many of the Fat Joe fans are now also searching for the beautiful wife’s biography and other interesting details. Therefore when you want to know about lorena cartagena, you must visit this famous website. Clear information about her personality is not present on this website. The site also provides details about their marital life and other in-depth secrets.


Lorena Cartagena is the wife of Fat Joe, and he is more interested in American rap and remains as popular in the field. Fat joe is also not revealing his wife’s age and date of birth. She is also looking for privacy, so they stay away from others. Her age is approximately within the range of 45 to 50 currently. The couple will be visible in the events together only. The couple got married in the year 1995, but there are no deep details about it. This means that this couple celebrates two decades of togetherness, which remains an example for the new generation couples. Lorena Cartagena and Joesph Antonio Cartagena are the best couple, but she is not interested in coming into the limelight after they have got married.

Physical appearance

There is no clear information about the physical appearance of this famous celebrity Fat Joe’s wife Lorena Cartagena. She is not giving any interviews as she is not interested in coming into the limelight. Therefore when her physical appearance details come up, their details will be updated here. But when seeing the photos on instagram in the fat Joe’s profile, it is seen that she has dusky skin, skin, and good structure.


Fat Joe is the husband of lorena cartagena, and she became famous because of this famous American wrapper who married her. Their marriage happened in the year 1995, and also they have been together since. This couple has three children called Joey, Ryan, and Azariah. An important one that you have to note is that only Azariah Cartegena is her cute little natural child, and the remaining two are step-children. These two non-biological children are from the previous connections of her husband and American rapper Fat Joe. But Lorena Cartagena has a good bond with the three children, and you can also see them when she spends time often with their family members.

Early life

The early life of Lorena is revealed yet in public, and his husband is not revealing about his wife’s early life. Therefore it is completely blank for the fans, and also they are excited to get the details in the future.


Since Lorena is not interested in meeting the media people and is also not interested in giving any interviews, her education details are not known. There is no leak of such information on the internet, so this website will soon update if the information avails.

Professional career

This lorena cartagena just became famous after she married the famous American wrapper Excess Fat Joe. He has done a lot of events, music, and others and is a famous person all around. But when it comes to profession of Lorena, there is no information about it.


This couple, who got married in the year 1995, has got issues in their relationship just ten years after marriage. But still, they have managed their issue, and now they are living life happily with their family members. Thus, this couple also celebrates twenty-five years of marriage life.

Married life

Joseph Antonio Cartagena is the full name of the famous American rapper Fat Joe. Fat is the stage’s name, so it became the nickname for his fans to call. He is famous and has gained more fame because of his music and rap singing talent. He got married to a lady named lorena cartagena, and so she also became a famous personality. There is no information about her personal details till now, but she is more beautiful and also gives the best companionship for him. The couple got married in the year 1995, and till now, they have had a good relationship together. The couple also has three children, which will add beauty to their married life.

Biography of her husband

Fat Joe, an American rapper, was born in New York City on August 1970. The singing career of this famous wrapper started in the year of 1992 only. He is not only a rap singer but also interested in acting in movies. He also became an actor in Hollywood and even the tv series. He also acted in movies like Happy Feet, Scary Movie 3, and the Netflix series. You can also get more information about this famous personality by subscribing to his podcast channels. For the entertainment company called ‘Terror squad Entertainment,’ he remained the successful executive chief and also an entrepreneur in the company in the past.

Newborn daughter

After getting married, they are blessed with a girl child named Azariah Cartagena. She is also not interested in coming into the limelight, so she is maintaining her privacy. Fat Joe also respects her privacy expectation and gives her enough space for it. You can see her picture on the social media account of  Fat Joe.

Social media details for Lorena Cartagena

Lorena Cartagena does not have any social media accounts, and also she is not interested in fame. Therefore when you want to know about her, you can simply follow her husband’s social media accounts like Twitter, instagram, youtube, and Facebook. These kinds of social media accounts are more accounts for her husband, and also he will share her wife Lorena Cartagena videos at regular intervals.


When it comes to the net worth of lorena cartagena, then you will find it more difficult to know as there is no information anywhere. The reason is that the person is not interested in revealing it to the public. But when it comes to the net worth of her husband, then it will be around $ 4 million approximately. Thus when it comes to the calculation of the net worth according to his profession, like acting, singing, music, and other events, you can find her husband is a famous personality.


Lorena Cartagena is the wife of the famous celebrity and the American rap singer Fat Joe. In the year 1995, Fat Joe and Lorena both got married, and they have three children currently. Two of the children are sons, and one child is a daughter, which has provided a beautiful life for this famous personality. Lorena Cartagena obtained fame and became a talkative person only after she married this famous rap singer. When you want to know about her age, it will be around 45 to 50 years currently.


What is the net worth of this Lorena Cartagena?

 The net worth of this famous personality will not be revealed, and also, there is no chance for the calculation easily as no other personal information is available to the public.

Does Lorena Cartagena have acted in TV shows?

Lorena Cartegna, who is the wife of the famous Excess Fat Joe, appeared in the Unsung documentary of her husband.

Is it real that this famous couple going to get divorced?

Since this couple has a small amount of issues in their relationship, that does not mean that they will get divorced. This couple is happy enough to enjoy their married life with the kids and life partner.

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