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Introducing The Personality Han Moo-Yeong

The famous personality Han Moo-Yeong is one Korean lady who is born in South Korea in the year 1978. She is mostly famous because she got married to the famous husband of hers and that is Kim Kang-Woo. She is a very simple person and loves to lead a simple life.

Early life and family: 

She is mostly having the Christian background! She has a parent known as Mr. HanGwon-Soo. She also has siblings known as Han Hye-jin who is a famous actress in the Korean industry and Han Ka-Yeong. Her childhood was also spent with her family. 

Education and the career details: 

The famous personality Han Moo-Yeong does not share much about her life and hence it is known that she went to the Eunkwang Girls’ High School to complete her schooling. Her husband is a famous actor and he has done many different movies such as “ The missing” etc. 

Body measurements of Han Moo-Yeong:

The most amazing person has currently aged 45. She is having a height of five feet and seven inches. She has got very beautiful dark black coloured eyes and also her hair colour is black. She has maintained her personality in a very good manner too. 

Marriage and relationship of Han Moo-Yeong:

You will find that Kim Kang-woo and Han Moo-Yeong got married to each other on June 18 after dating for seven years. They first met in 2003 and they kept their relationship private snd later got married. Their small family was involved in the wedding and later they gave birth to their daughter. 

Net worth:

The net worth of Han Moo-Yeong is yet to be known. However her husband earn a dollar of 1.5 million which is a huge sum. She is also recognised only because of him and also she is living a very successful career because her husband is doing well in his life. 

Social media: 

The person Han Moo-Yeong is not there but her husband is active on social media. He posts all the private photos and the videos also to show the world about the life that he is living ahead. 


The person Han Moo-Yeong is living a very lavish life because of her husband. She is leading the best and simple life. 

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